R&s lotto fortune east result yesterday

Let’s win it big this  time around. This is the sure r&s lotto prediction today & tomorrow 2021 | r&s lotto today bankers. No doubt, you are searching for how to win today’s r&s lotto, but guess what? With the help of our sure lucky numbers, you will definitely smile at bank after playing todays game

Fortune result r&s yesterday east lotto

If you haven’t visited our website before, then you have missed a lot” we share 2 sure r&s lotto numbers on daily basis. So, if you’re searching for a trusted site to to get 2 sure lotto numbers for today” then you are at the right site. It’s obvious that so many people are loosing games (and money) on daily basis in this r&s lotto

R&s fortune result lotto yesterday east

Well, that’s simply because they refused to learn how to do it the right way” if you are among them? Then, this is the great opportunity for to to get back all that you have loose. R&S Lotto Prediction Today & Tomorrow 2021 | R&S Lotto Today Bankers You and I know that to achieve this r&s lotto prediction, you will have to stay  up to date” as it’s dropping on daily basis. For today and tomorrow r&s lotto prediction simply CLICK HEREOnes it open, it will take you to the Facebook page, where it’s dropping on daily basis” make sure you visit this site and follow the link provided here before playing any game

Lotto r&s east fortune yesterday result

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Lotto fortune east r&s yesterday result

Download the official WHEEL OF FORTUNE® LOTTO Game Conditions. Download the official Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Rules Respecting Lottery Games. While efforts are made to ensure that the rules and game conditions are accurate and up to date, they cannot always reflect changes. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) reserves the right to change these game conditions and Rules Respecting Lottery Games, with or without notice and at such times and in such manner as OLG deems appropriate. © 2020 Califon Productions, Inc

Fortune lotto east yesterday result r&s

Wheel of Fortune® is a registered trademark of Califon Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. DISCLAIMERWhile every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on our website, no warranty of accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied. Visit a retailer to obtain a list of official winning numbers or to use an in-store ticket checker.. R&S Lotto Results Today - 17-04-2021Get Instant Lottery Result Updates - Download Our Lottery Result APPFirst five 08_46_73_15_06 Extra   6: 497 : 05 Last Five 42_12_72_51_83 What is R&S Lotto?R&S Lotto also called as R/S Lotto is known as Edu R and S Lotto is one of the most popular lottery companies in Nigeria

East yesterday r&s result fortune lotto

Lottery results for Sunrise, R&s Special, R&S Naija, Jackport, Sunday special, peoples, onitsha special, MSP Ghana, MSP East, Good Night, Dream Night, Enugu Special, Club Master and more can be checked here. The game depends on the combination and there is no proven way to win the lottery. How to Play R&S Lotto? To play R&S Lotto Nigeria, you can go to an authorized outlet that is registered with RS Lotto to sell tickets.  Once you make a request to play the R&S Lotto, you will be given a playslip. Choose a number and fill it in the playslip and make a payment. On paying, you will be issued with a ticket. Now, wait for the draw.  To choose the numbers, you can use various tricks like Forecasting, targeted numbers and dream numbers.  Through the forecasting method, people go to the previously released numbers to determine a possible winning number

Result fortune yesterday east r&s lotto

There is no guarantee that this method will work.  Target number method means to select a specific number and play using the same number until you win.  r/s lotto result r&s lotto results r&s lotto result today r&s lotto result r&s lotto result today 2021 Disclaimer: The above information is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the Site.. Fortune Thursday Winning Numbers Fortune Thursday is a 5 number lottery game

R&s fortune yesterday result east lotto

To win Fortune Thursday jackpot, you have to match 5 main numbers. Fortune Thursday Past Results and Winning Numbers The Fortune Thursday result archive contains the results from 20-02-2014 6:30pm GMT up to the last ones. You only need to select the right date from the list. . Latest Week Month 3 Month Continue Fortune Thursday Hot and Cold Numbers Hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. Cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently

Lotto east result r&s fortune yesterday

Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in Fortune Thursday results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear. Choose the range of years for checking Hot and Cold numbers:HOT NUMBERSCOLD NUMBERSFortune Thursday Number Generator The Fortune Thursday generator provides FREE lucky numbers for Fortune Thursday draws. All you need to do is to enter your name, your birth date, and the day of the draw you plan to participate in

Result r&s east fortune lotto yesterday

More African Lotteries. PREMIER : JACKPOTDATE: 02-01-2015SUCCESS: 33-34-78-32-12MACHINE: 45-43-73-41-74Ghana Bonanza Date: 02-01-2015Winning: 55-41-12-79-47Machine: 9-46-51-37-60Ghana Fortune Date: 02-01-2015Winning: 83-66-86-30-11Machine: 44-56-41-43-25GHANA : NATIONALDATE: 03-01-2015SUCCESS: 45-48-44-8-47MACHINE: 23-31-42-82-62PREMIER ALERTS03-01-2015AO6WN 55-47-63-32-9MC 69-56-54-10-22R&S NATIONAL EASTDATE: 03-01-2015WINNING: 26-22-43-83-12MACHINE: 38-59-76-36-03R&S LOTTO RESULT FOR TODAYSUNRISE EASTDATE:17/03/2015W:63-08-41-07-22M:73-36-04-68-75CLUBMASTER EDATE:17/03/2015W:90-25-30-71-41M:68-29-65-06-62ABA BONANZADATE:17/03/2015W:12-71-79-82-36M:27-07-02-73-14JACKPOT EASTDATE:17/03/2015W:48-81-59-66-37M:60-45-47-39-19ANAMBRA SPECIALDATE:17/03 /2015W:90-08-46-51-11M:79-76-05-59-02LUCKY G EASTDATE:17/03/2015W:42-66-85-81-83M:15-30-54-49-64 GHANA: LUCKY G17-03-2015SUC: 12-41-9-49-71MAC: 39-60-55-38-33 R&S LOTTO RESULTS FOR TODAYSUNRISE EASTDATE:26/03/2015W:28-23-14-08-27M:19-89-33-73-39CLUBMASTER EDATE:26/03/2015W:82-40-07-73-44M:03-16-33-31-79ANAMBRA SPECIALDATE:26/03/2015W:82-47-67-39-14M:11-84-18-23-81INTERNATIONAL EDATE:26/03/2015W:64-51-30-08-76M:73-58-43-53-21ABA BONANZADATE:26/03/2015W:61-41-74-31-34M:85-89-05-03-10FORTUNE EASTDATE:26/03/2015W:16-02-81-10-53M:60-89-18-05-52GHANA: FORTUNE26-03-2015SUC: 41-42-63-26-46MAC: 75-1-2-11-14 PREMIER ALERTS29-03-2015MARK IIWINNING 80-18-3-75-40MACHINE 32-67-68-44-36PREMIER ALERTS29-03-2015ENUGUWINNING 80-35-12-87-34MACHINE 20-67-28-8-59GOLDEN CHANCE : BETTER LIFEDATE: 29/03/2015WINNING: 08-40-78-11-15MACHINE: 81-59-64-07-74PREMIER: LUCKYAll R&S LOTTO RESULTS ON 20-04-2015SAWAKI EASTDATE:20/04/2015W:62-78-24-75-60M:38-82-17-30-44PEOPLES EASTDATE:20/04/2015W:74-89-65-62-79M:17-22-59-29-44ABIA SPECIALDATE:20/04/2015W:53-48-72-33-25M:44-27-49-11-87ONITSHA SPECIALDATE:20/04/2015W:40-23-62-25-86M:49-42-04-22-76INTERNATIONAL EDATE:20/04/2015W:41-80-34-35-61M:33-59-84-50-25M. S

Lotto r&s fortune yesterday east result

P EASTDATE:20/04/2015W:46-73-74-37-27M:88-83-42-10-60 GHANA: MSP20-04-2015SUC: 77-42-67-45-9MAC: 89-37-86-11-24All R&S LOTTO EAST RESULTS FOR TODAY 21-04-2015SUNRISE EASTDATE:21/04/2015W:88-42-55-64-13M:35-90-47-44-08CLUBMASTER EDATE:21/04/2015W:10-88-41-69-52M:01-29-16-57-65ANAMBRA SPECIALDATE:21/04/2015W:48-13-09-12-51M:60-82-52-19-76ABA BONANZADATE:21/04/2015W:24-72-46-13-03M:37-53-34-57-23JACKPOT EASTDATE:21/04/2015W:34-68-87-13-56M:07-89-10-38-21LUCKY G EASTDATE:21/04/2015W:05-15-68-55-66M:42-30-59-78-32GHANA: LUCKY G21-04-2015SUC: 55-12-50-85-35MAC: 83-20-6-63-37 All R&S East Results for today 24-04-2015ENUGU SPECIALDATE:24/04/2015W:76-62-49-64-68M:30-73-90-71-80PEOPLES EASTDATE:24/04/2015W:71-85-55-89-43M:12-07-32-17-09JACKPOT EASTDATE:24/04/2015W:39-22-32-51-63M:16-70-37-83-67ONITSHA SPECIALDATE:24/04/2015W:81-03-29-22-77M:83-26-06-89-36ABIA SPECIALDATE:24/04/2015M:10-66-18-07-30M:77-20-12-49-06BONANZA EASTDATE:24/04/2015W:38-52-59-79-11M:56-81-85-49-14GHANA BONANZADATE: 24-04-2015SUC: 76-44-7-56-77MAC: 52-61-75-80-67All R&S LOTTO FOR TODAYSAWAKI EASTDATE:25/04/2015W:13-83-45-65-07M:69-32-19-10-50CLUBMASTER EDATE:25/04/2015W:85-14-54-49-79M:81-61-19-22-43INTERNATIONALDATE:25/04/2015W:23-63-54-75-17M:74-13-40-16-21ABA BONANZADATE:25/04/2015W: 39-49-60-15-50M: 54-21-05-42-09ANAMBRA SPECIALDATE:25/04/2015W:87-13-21-61-53M:20-42-89-24-36NATIONAL EASTDATE:25/04/2015W:37-67-19-26-74M:43-77-47-02-55 GHANA: NATIONAL25-04-2015SUC: 3-89-27-41-1MAC: 13-43-76-65-31WELCOME TO 2O17 PREMIER LUCKYDATE: 01-01-2017WIN: 02-42-09-36-78GOLDEN CHANCE KEYDATE: 1/1/2017WIN: 33- 69- 18- 89- 64MAC: 67- 83- 70- 80- 87EXPRESS: 1/1/2017WIN: 19- 72- 41- 66- 39MAC: 86- 16- 31- 32- 27PREMIER ALERTS01-01-2017ENUGUWN 31-69-36-75-53MC 18-85-81-63-15PREMIER MARK IIDATE: 01-01-2017WIN: 17-82-70-57-35BETTER LIFE 1/1/2017WIN: 56- 73- 53- 86- 17MAC: 1- 70- 10- 35- 32R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 01-01-2017SUNRISE01-01-2017FFN: 35 -14-68-59-20LFN: 65-37-15-05-48ENUGU SP01-01-2017FFN: 45-24-88-42-60LFN: 43-76-21-44-64Rivers sp First five:67-03-05-08-45Last five:22-55-70-26-01JACKPOT E01-01-2017FFN: 16-09-26-51-32LFN: 34-70-61-81-01 GATEWAY: 2/1/2017WIN: 81- 37- 76- 85- 50MACH: 4- 39- 1- 6- 21PREMIER ALERTS02-01-2017BINGOWN 36-20-48-10-84MC 15-53-55-2-37GATEWAY: 2/1/2017WIN: 81-37-76-85-50MACH: 4- 39- 1- 6- 21PREMIER ALERTS2-1-2017DIAMONDWIN: 88-23-89-79-62MAC: 53-35-63-65-41SUNRISE: 2/1/2017WIN: 60- 89- 32- 9- 21MACH: 69- 25- 56- 40- 52R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 02-01-2016SAWAKI02-01-2016FFN: 71-21-64-67-14LFN: 87-85-20-81-30PREMIER SPECIALFirst five 61-58-47-65-29Last five 19-55-73-05-87PEOPLE'S E02-01-2017FFN: 15-72-42-40-07LFN: 53-17-48-76-41PEOPLE'S PHFFN-08-71-40-65-33LFN-48-19-37-32-82ABIA SP02-01-2016FFN: 03-26-14-79-56LFN: 74-13-50-87-28INTERNATIONAL E02-01-2016FFN: 23-55-50-44-66LFN: 53-31-71-69-73JACKPOT PHFFN:28-26-16-48-14LFN: 84-08-70-65-43ONITSHA SP02-01-2017FFN: 32-67-51-75-87LFN: 12-01-21-55-89MSP E02-01-2016FFN: 39-63-68-05-75LFN: 11-09-43-08-86 GHANA ALERTSMONDAY SPECIAL03-01-2017WIN: 45-48-64-32-50MAC: 82-44-33-04-05GHANA LUCKY GWin:69 58 75 01 34Much:88 52 78 11 44PREMIER: CLUBMASTER03-01-2017SUC:38-81-23-05-85MAC:55-22-20-27-33PREMIER GOLDDATE: 03-01-2017SUC:66-74-72-64-59MAC:13-45-85-88-57PREMIER: 0603-01-2017SUC: 18-17-7-35-10MAC: 61-34-3-62-69GOLDEN CHANCE RESULTSREDEMPTION: 3/1/2017WIN: 13- 1- 24- 37- 80MACH: 64- 82- 67- 71- 66JAMBOREE: 3/1/2017WIN: 17- 9- 38- 31- 79MACH: 50- 8- 11- 63- 59R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 03-01-2017SUNRISE03-01-2016FFN: 32-01-57-69-25LFN: 68-84-13-77-67Premier ph FFN:38-70-54-73-57LFN:84-90-67-86-21CLUB MASTER E03-01-2017FFN: 19-53-83-76-33LFN: 80-63-22-90-08CLUB MASTER PHFirst five 36-41-08-60-06Last five 27-05-56-34-68International Ph 03/01/2017W 78-42-05-14-56M 64-84-08-54-82ANAMBRA SP03/01/2017FFB:79-33-73-75-55LFB:12-67-78-22-10JACKPOT E03-01-2017FFN: 36-35-01-61-45LFN: 70-43-03-83-44ABA BONANZA03-01-2017FFN: 81-08-66-32-17LFN: 40-75-33-64-85LUCKY NG E03-01-2017FFN: 32-63-79-59-87LFN: 16-31-05-09-77 PREMIER ALERTS04-01-2017LUCKYWN 51-10-76-63-21MC 69-65-73-57-20BRAVO: 4 /1/2017WIN: 65-88-34-25-47MACH: 12-07-03-52-64GHANA MIDWEEKDATE: 04-01-2017WIN 11-68-08-56-85MAC 13-90-38-44-33PREMIER ENUGUDATE: 04-01-2017WIN: 38-15-18-75-25MAC 87-35-45-36-39PREMIER: VAG04-01-2017SUC: 18-16-30-70-5MAC: 79-60-55-45-9PREMIER ALERTS04-01-2017MARKIIWN 34-29-9-59-10MC 86-58-48-7-64SUPREME: 4 /1/2017WIN: 78-17-06-70-04MACH: 24-66-82-41-25PREMIER ALERTS04-01-2017TOTAWIN 54-62-81-15-19MAC 33-38-79-6-45GOLDEN STAR : 4 /1/2017WIN: 58 - 48 - 66 - 11 - 65MACH: 86 - 69 - 45 - 84 - 52R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 04-01-2017SAWAKIW-73-40-54-70-15M-83-23-25-37-68PEOPLES'S EASTW-78-08-04-54-07M-29-26-10-60-61PEOPLES PHFFN 63-59-88-19-85LFN 83-07-25-03-67Onitsha sp First five : 16, 02, 58, 64, 86Last five: 80, 38, 42, 84, 59ABIA SP04-01-2017FFN: 53-05-07-89-23LFN: 85-65-90-57-02ENUGU SP04-01-2017FFN: 26-51-89-47-71LFN: 86-34-88-68-72Rivers sp First five:32-73-09-38-21Last five:01-22-66-28-29MIDWEEK E04-01-2017FFN: 76-42-83-74-09LFN: 85-12-49-54-72 PREMIER BINGODATE: 05-01-2017WIN 27-70-30-22-39MAC 9-38-2-8-18TANGO 5/1/2017WIN: 77-8-59-20-51MACH:17-85-26-69-12GHANA FORTUNEDATE: 05-01-2017WIN: 38-60-90-71-23MAC: 39-75-18-33-43PREMIER DIAMONDDATE: 05-01-2017WIN: 55-41-23-51-46PREMIER FAIRCHANCEDATE: 05-01-2017WIN: 59-36-47-60-54WAZOBIA 5/1/2017WIN: 69- 39- 11- 12- 61MAC: 34- 57- 75- 44- 72MORNING DEW 5/1/2017WIN: 9- 49- 86- 78- 6MAC: 70- 45- 66- 67- 55PREMIER: PEOPLE05-01-2017SUC: 52-22-69-61-79MAC: 12-20-6-16-88R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 05-01-2017SUNRISE EFFN: 65-17-39-69-90LFN: 26-08-40-74-18PREMIER PHFFN:32-62-87-79-65LFN:01-16-73-38-58CLUBMASTER EASTW-20-71-68-51-75M-76-18-59-14-82INTERNATIONAL EASTW-30-29-56-44-34M-15-45-17-40-08ANAMBRA SPW-53-85-42-67-02M-41-05-75-19-55FORTUNE EFirst five 88-69-59-67-80Last five 07-71-77-46-50 STAR LIGHT 6/1/2017WIN: 68 - 61 - 85 - 89 - 26MACH: 82 - 30 - 25 - 81 - 87GHANA ALERTS06-01-2017BONANZAWN 74-59-46-33-71MC 87-45-70-24-78PREMIER ALERTS06-01-2017JACKPOTWN 76-25-44-17-6MC 34-21-59-63-9ALBARKA 6/1/17WIN: 06-07-31-68-85MAC:74-79-54-40-71PREMIER: GOLD06-01-2017SUC: 6-76-55-81-27MAC: 28-77-38-30-14PREMIER: METRO06-01-2017SUC: 08-01-74-55-33MAC: 39-16-48-32-63CHAMPION 6/1/2017WIN: 88- 86- 90- 31- 22MAC: 76- 28- 30- 75- 54PREMIER ROYALDATE: 06-01-2017WIN: 11-55-47-39-32R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 06-01-2017ENUGU SPW-84-53-39-43-62M-30-75-35-44-17PREMIER SPECIALW-77-84-49-76-36M-03-15-58-87-07PEOPLES PHW-04-51-72-31-38M-56-27-36-01-59PEOPLES EASTW-64-10-85-60-76M-16-62-43-49-69ONITSHA SP06-01-2017FFN: 87-69-78-11-22LFN: 33-58-37-38-19ABIA SP06-01-2017FFN: 68-29-53-12-50LFN: 80-43-64-84-42JACKPOT E06-0-2017FFN: 23-27-15-04-84LFN: 26-81-68-89-83JACKPOT PHFFN:30-75-50-74-42LFN:64-31-69-22-08BONANZA E06-01-2017FFN: 11-83-66-65-87LFN: 31-24-69-44-04 PREMIER FAIRCHANCEDATE: 07-01-2017SUC:32-54-42-29-39MAC:86-03-40-52-31THUNDER BALL 7/1/2017WIN: 55 - 27 -29 -30 -86MAC: 17 -88 -90 -59 -63GHANA NATIONALDATE: 07-01-2017W-17-61-51-84-42M-67-07-58-78-12PREMIER: 0607-01-2017SUC: 12-67-17-31-44MAC: 86-03-29-69-08PREMIER CLUBMASTERDATE: 07-01-2017WIN: 75-67-57-25-52MAC: 68-50-63-61-48SUNSHINE 7/1/2017WIN: 47- 21- 38- 70- 81MAC: 68- 39- 34- 29- 36PREMIER SUPERDATE: 07-01-2017W-21-05-16-46-40M-22-69-84-86-10PREMIER KINGDATE: 07-01-2017WIN 51-58-29-82-36BAZOOKA 7/1/2017WIN: 12- 34- 39- 23- 40MAC: 65- 13- 70- 51- 50R&S Lotto Results, Date 07-01-2017SAWAKI07-01-2017FFN: 34-48-10-25-05LFN: 06-46-81-85-33PREMIER PHFFN: 19-24-17-73-84LFN: 06-28-76-27-45CLUBMASTER EASTW-27-89-48-17-51M-64-86-05-59-06INTERNATIONAL EFFN 07-04-64-42-74LFN 58-55-77-71-40NATIONAL EASTW-76-24-74-55-90M-29-39-64-37-89 GOLDEN CHANCE KEYDATE: 8-1-2017WIN: 20 - 77 - 71 - 30 - 67MACH: 48 - 7 - 23 - 53 - 39PREMIER: TOTA08-01-2017SUC: 28-69-25-74-89MAC: 49-90-78-85-60PREMIER LUCKYDATE: 08-01-2017W-86-89-19-26-74M-68-32-67-44-61EXPRESS 8-1-2017WIN: 1 - 20 - 14 - 56 - 80MACH: 43 - 6 - 72 - 10 - 88BETTER LIFE 8/1/17WIN: 5- 76- 14- 30- 13MACH: 85- 43- 32- 64- 79PREMIER ENUGUDATE: 08-01-2017WIN: 18-49-41-85-23BEST CHANCE 8/1/17WIN: 46- 20- 52- 9- 51MACH: 11- 55- 25- 62- 85PREMIER: MARK II08-01-2017SUC: 35-89-38-81-31MAC: 4-48-80-52-37R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 08-01-2017SUNRISE08-01-2017FFN: 18-36-25-79-74LFN: 50-09-48-76-52R&S special First five:84-55-13-83-02Last five:54-47-10-19-69Rivers special 08/01/2017W 75-11-23-16-49M 12-62-01-48-80ENUGU SP08-01-2017FFN: 42-80-32-54-23LFN: 18-89-20-53-58JACKPOT E08-01-2017FFN: 29-04-25-78-02LFN: 07-31-77-08-54 GHANA MSP09-01-2017FFN: 66-60-64-26-24LFN: 12-16-08-88-51PREMIER BINGODATE: 09-01-2017WIN: 90-68-59-78-77PREMIER PEOPLEDATE: 09-01-2017WIN: 88-32-21-04-84GATEWAY: 9/1/17WIN: 85- 23- 1- 55- 51MACH: 39- 44- 64- 73- 80SUNRISE 9/1/2017WIN: 36- 67- 74- 50- 47MAC: 70- 73- 14- 84- 58PREMIER DIAMONDDATE: 09-01-2017WIN: 58-87-12-47-01R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 09-01-2017SAWAKI09-01-2017FFN: 04-26-54-68-27LFN: 36-84-44-65-07PREMIER SPW-89-59-71-78-01M-27-84-19-48-66PEOPLE'S E09-01-2017FFN: 85-77-53-72-29LFN: 84-80-90-78-50Abia spwin 47 66 73 14 54mac 75 46 60 32 68INTERNATIONAL E09-01-2017FFN: 32-31-66-89-39LFN: 80-79-86-82-45Jackpot ph First five:53-63-42-14-20Last five:44-08-55-29-50ONITSHS SPECIALFFN: 17-45-18-66-50LFN: 62-52-84-06-46MSP EAST09-01-2017FFN: 47-10-89-14-16LFN: 13-74-24-76-85 GHANA LUCKY G10-01-2017FFN: 44-56-13-32-65LFN: 48-83-55-05-49PREMIER ALERTS10-01-2017CLUBMASTERWN 71-06-51-88-89MC 85-10-27-09-04DESTINY 10/1/2017WIN: 73- 42- 15- 65- 12MAC: 80- 83- 61- 89- 1PREMIER JACKPOTDATE: 10-01-2017WIN: 72-86-36-51-67MAC: 32-80-19-31-1PREMIER O6DATE; 10-01-2017WIN: 59-25-62-73-50REDEMPTION 10/1/2017WIN: 20- 9- 78- 51- 52MAC: 37- 19- 66- 88- 26JAMBOREE 10/1/2017WIN: 12- 14- 30- 10- 39MAC: 83- 8- 21- 79- 36PREMIER: GOLD10-01-2017SUC: 86-22-59-60-55MAC: 6-76-70-29-15R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 10-01-2017Premier ph 10/01/2017W 33-24-18-83-17M 51-29-61-69-25SUNRISE10-01-2017FFN: 02-79-12-69-60LFN: 64-19 -55-89 -24CLUB MASTER E10-01-2017FFN: 11-18-19-04-14LFN: 76-63-71-89-12Clumaster PHFFB:79-40-34-61-08LFB:45-47-28-56-16ANAMBRA SPECIAL10/01/2017FFB:42-35-37-23-51LFB:01-73-67-28-19LUCKY NG E10-01-2017FFN: 41-02-64-38-08LFN: 18-82-05-76-33 PREMIER LUCKYDATE: 11-01-2017WIN: 79-04-11-19-03GHANA: MIDWEEK11-01-2017SUC: 81-54-17-20-40MAC: 88-79-60-68-35PREMIER ENUGUDATE: 11-01-2017WIN: 69-25-76-13-30BRAVO 11/1/17WIN: 59-11-40-75-81MACH: 28-20-79-4-43PREMIER VAGDATE: 11-01-2017WIN: 85-21-53-89-29MAC: 76-60-46-47-45PREMIER MARK IIDATE: 11-01-2017WIN: 29-62-83-70-67SUPREME 11/1/17WIN: 13- 15- 76- 65- 49MACH: 8- 74- 25- 27- 42PREMIER: TOTA11-01-2017SUC: 52-86-8-40-43MAC: 64-88-26-27-14GOLDEN STAR 11/1/2017WIN: 14- 29- 72- 37- 73MAC: 21- 44- 16- 66- 25R&S Lotto Results, Date: 11-01-2017SAWAKI11-01-2017FFN: 62-64-38-68-72LFN: 74-75-86-03-10Premier special 11/01/2017W 68-38-86-02-49M 03-45-34-52-17PEOPLE'S E11-01-2017FFN: 33-14-32-43-85LFN: 23-52-71-13-53PEOPLES PHFFN 25 01 78 60 79LFN 74 16 48 47 86ONITSHA SP11/01/2017FFB:40-18-20-66-06LFB:53-11-80-49-82ABIA SP11-01-2017FFN: 65-36-47-22-68LFN: 07-04-58-73-78Enugu special First five:82-65-49-64-09Last five:66-12-26-79-18River's Specialff 25 58 83 39 45lf 78 29 87 16 36MIDWEEK E11-01-2017FFN: 14-42-29-86 -02LFN: 33-24-76-09-61 GHANA FORTUNE12-01-2017FFN: 05-58-24-51-66LFN: 60-76-90-72-82PREMIER ALERTSDATE:12-01-2017INTERNATIONALSUC: 47-02-19-49-26MAC:35-01-25-03-53PREMIER DIAMONDDATE: 12-01-2017WIN: 34-44-17-57-26PREMIER FAIRCHANCEDATE: 12-01-2017WIN: 41-05-77-89-16WAZOBIA 12/1/17WIN: 71-51-16-77-59MACH: 23-45-9-40-80PREMIER: PEOPLE12-01-2017SUC: 55-66-22-83-84MAC: 28-62-82-81-35MORNING DEW 12/1/17WIN: 52-39-32-82-65MACH: 72-70-29-20-10SUNRISE12-01-2017FFN: 18-17-19-44-52LFN: 70-01-20-64-57PREMIER PHFirst five 68-44-82-CLUB MASTER E12-01-2017FFN: 57-05-11-12-79LFN: 43-23-35-20-63CLUBMASTER PHW-30-02-39-54-36M-68-27-71-19-52ANAMBRA SPW-85-70-83-26-68M-19-06-50-16-03INTERNATIONAL E12-01-2017FFN: 61-60-68-01-82LFN: 05-16-40-21-66ABA BONANZA12-01-2017FFN: 11-55-77-56-63LFN: 17-18-01-38-08International PH12/01/2017FFB:71-31-48-34-59LFB:57-15-29-06-75FORTUNE E12-01-2017FFN: 40-17-58-75-66LFN: 10-61-11-88-18 GHANA BONANZADATE: 13-01-2017W-82-21-62-07-77M-39-48-10-49-57PREMIER: JACKPOT13-01-2017SUC: 90-50-16-27-25MAC: 65-89-17-05-11PREMIER: GOLDDATE: 13-01-2017SUCCESS: 16-01-57-18-34MACHINE: 87-05-89-26-72ALBARKA: 13/1/17WIN: 12- 85- 74- 64- 25MACH: 17- 37- 77- 3- 49CHAMPION 13/1/2017WIN: 39- 57- 80- 65- 76MAC: 43- 31- 51- 48- 53PREMIER: METRO13-01-2017SUC: 20-22-4-56-33MAC: 42-30 -79-61-70PREMIER: ROYAL13-01-2017SUC: 88-76-28-16-90MAC: 77-78-27-55-60R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 13-01-2017ENUGU SP13/01/2017FFB:55-23-82-81-27LFB:20-72-29-64-66Premier SPFFB:51-14-26-45-40LFB:67-77-57-85-04PEOPLE'S E.13-01-2017FFN: 89-40-77-16-61LFN: 10-17-01-14-08Peoples ph First five:70-17-30-68-09Last five:89-53-46-48-34ONITSHA SP13-01-2017FFN: 66-15-63-81-17LFN: 88-55-32-60-62Jackpot ph First five:01-47-30-85-31Last five:84-09-70-82-16BONANZA E13-01-2017FFN: 88-34-84-77-39LFN:40-04-86-26-57 GHANA NATIONAL14-01-2017FFN: 26-66-79-41-34LFN: 47-16-36-88-27THUNDER BALL 14/1/17WIN: 90-57-70-9-88MACH: 79-46-29-69-18PREMIER SUPERDATE:14-01-2017SUC: 75-10-90-21-14MAC:08-58-49-47-67PREMIER FAIRCHANCEDATE: 14-01-2017WIN: 01-30-15-89-43PREMIER O6DATE: 14-01-2017WIN 79-74-07-57-20PREMIER ALERTS14-01-2017CLUBMASTERWN 58-26-49-8-51MC 17-36-4-44-39SUNSHINE: 14/1/17WIN: 76-36-12-57-78MACH: 83-73-14-82-55PREMIER ALERTS14-1-2017KINGWIN: 37-90-17-40-87MAC: 12-69-78-21-71BAZOOKA: 14/1/17WIN: 79- 23 - 16 - 2 - 90MACH: 33 - 63 - 66 - 25 - 6R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 14-01-2017SAWAKI14-01-2017FFN: 45-25-09-47-51LFN: 57-86-29-44-34Premier ph 14/01/2017W 51-34-46-12-55M 03-23-79-89-25CLUB MASTER E14-01-2017FFN: 50-17-75-80-02LFN: 13-33-45-72-77Clubmaster ph 14/01/2017W 58-15-17-43-48M 83-12-19-35-33ANAMBRA SP14-01-2017FFN: 04-34-45-68-53LFN: 81-15-28-76-51NATIONAL E14-01-2017FFN: 37-12-52-90-71LFN:48-49-65-40-62 Premier Lotto Results. PREMIER: TOTADATE:15-01-2017SUCCESS 39-04-57-84-18MACHINE 77-64-90-23-48PREMIER: LUCKY15-01-2017SUC: 9-25-32-24-19MAC: 75-82-90-44-60PREMIER: ENUGU15-01-2017SUC: 08-68-24-64-74MAC: 19-38-82-54-42PREMIER ALERTS15-01-2017MARKIIWN 86-85-69-20-81MC 50-26-11-31-01ALL Golden chance lotto results. EXPRESS:15-01-2017WIN:66-17-60-3-40MACH:43-72-15-4-69BETTER LIFE 15/1/2017WIN: 42- 80- 4- 38- 40MAC: 64- 74- 31- 70- 79BEST CHANCE 15/1/2017WIN: 17- 80- 60- 24- 20MAC: 74- 25- 64- 3- 83R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 15-01-2017SUNRISE15-01-2017FFN: 63-18-30-23-31LFN: 77-40-80-89-27R&S SPECIAL15-01-2017FFN: 15-60-81-85-59LFN: 25-82-07-43-22ENUGU SP15-01-2017FFN: 44-01-10-30-59LFN: 16-32-08-54-65JACKPOT E15-01-2017FFN: 19-01-15-38-30LFN: 16-20-50-06-56LFN:77-40-80-89-27 PREMIER: INTERNATIONALDATE: 16-01-2017SUCCESS: 51-40-10-71-34MACHINE: 67-87-31-82-68GHANA ALERTS16-01-2017MSPWN 26-32-40-61-20MC 9-7-39-85-28TREASURE: 16/1/17WIN: 51-30-45-41-15MACH: 39-28-74-89-52PREMIER: METRODATE: 16-01-2017SUCCESS: 06-84-60-73-76MACHINE: 52-13-53-15-18GATEWAY: 16/1/17WIN: 64- 86 -74 -38 -83MACH: 28- 60- 26- 56- 50PREMIER: PEOPLE16-01-2017SUC: 31-74-10-26-88MAC: 20-23-56-28-86SUNRISE:16/1/17WIN:16- 53 -66 -28 -65MACH:79- 10- 12- 39- 69PREMIER: DIAMOND16-01-2017SUC: 24-34-68-22-03MAC: 40-51-65-18-62R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 16-01-2017SAWAKI16-01-2017FFN: 27-36-39-56-17LFN: 13-30-29-89-06PEOPLES EASTW-52-76-53-64-54M-88-49-13-14-08People's ph First five:58-53-16-72-69Last five:03-02-26-61-34ONTISHA SPECIALFirst five 32-54-42-65-34Last five 38-79-68-84 07JACKPOT PH16/01/2017FFB:04-40-48-50-59LFB:02-79-24-19-33ABIA SPW-80-74-16-30-22M-42-59-54-61-58INTERNATIONAL

Result east lotto yesterday r&s fortune

EW-60-31-51-37-54M-22-35-62-78-72MSP EAST16-01-2017FFN: 10-69-40-18-24LFN: 82-73-06-57-79 GHANA LUCKY G17-01-2017FFN: 56-31-26-22-18LFN: 72-23-70-43-64PREMIER: SUPER17-01-2017SUC: 34-80-35-42-14MAC: 77-68-87-75-61DESTINY: 17/1/17WIN: 86-17-34-24-45MACH: 14-81-56-70-12PREMIER: CLUBMASTERDATE: 17-01-2017SUCCESS: 58-06-42-73-19MACHINE: 38-89-78-44-80PREMIER: JACKPOTDATE: 17-01-2017SUCCESS: 56-01-09-52-08MACHINE: 36-33-58-61-23PREMIER: 06DATE: 17-01-2017SUCCESS: 39-52-15-44-46MACHINE: 17-55-48-27-13PREMIER: GOLDDATE: 17-01-2017SUCCESS: 06-24-14-20-76MACHINE: 67-77-64-82-18R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 17-01-2017Premier ph First five:62-01-52-35-31Last five:45-41-60-06-07SUNRISE17-01-2017FFN: 56-53-02-83-72LFN: 45-13-49-60-15CLUBMASTER EASTW-50-72-68-01-34M-76-61-83-62-04Anambra sp First five: 34-06-15-46-19Last five: 24-48-89-11-26LUCKY NG E17-01-2017FFN:42-33-66-79-54LFN: 08-28-41-70-15 PREMIER: LUCKYDATE: 18-01-2017SUCCESS: 67-06-19-52-03MACHINE: 55-60-74-83-84GOLDEN CHANCE BRAVODATE: 18-1-2017WIN: 33-48-41-19-88MACH: 12-74-58-51-81GHANA MIDWEEKDATE: 18/1/2017WINNING 17-48-33-30-88MACHINE 66-2-21-12-51PREMIER ENUGUDATE: 18-01-2017W:74-73-20-18-35M-29-34-52-90-55PREMIER: VAG18-01-2017SUC: 57-69-70-82-34MAC: 56-90-52-35-67SUPREME: 18/1/17WIN: 68- 38- 21- 75- 9MACH: 39- 82- 34- 52- 36PREMIER: MARK IIDATE: 18-01-2017SUCCESS: 84-46-36-64-63MACHINE: 02-44-55-20-83GOLDEN STAR 18/1/2017WIN: 28- 19- 63- 27- 89MAC: 85- 48- 5- 43- 49PREMIER: TOTADATE: 18-01-2017SUCCESS: 75-33-50-30-43MACHINE: 46-84-22-16-41R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 18-10-2017SAWAKI18-01-2017FFN: 17-71-39-65-62LFN: 32-60-49-03-29PREMIER SPECIALFFB:65-51-49-48-86LFB:20-15-31-40-30PEOPLE'S E18-01-2017FFN: 27-37-13-21-18LFN: 36-42-22-70-52Peoples p H18/01/2017First Five:51-86-90-15-65Last Five:79-27-40-01-52Onitsha sp First five: 11 51 61 02 89Last five: 35 80 50 26 79Rivers sp First five:23-27-06-33-42Last five:21-60-10-35-83ENUGU SP18-01-2017FFN: 40-09-66-57-26LFN: 81-70-48-23-73ABIA SPFFN:61-64-46-33-09LFN:65-90-41-38-85MIDWEEK E18-01-2017FFN: 73-36-30-18-61LFN: 59-89-45-65-58 GHANA FORTUNE19-01-2017FFN: 89-75-35-64-65LFN: 09-87-21-01-77PREMIER ALERTS19-01-2017INTERNATIONALWN 31-59-45-55-54MC 38-49-25-40-80PREMIER: DIAMOND19-01-2017SUC: 60-04-22-43-47MAC: 54-71-53-80-14WAZOBIA: 19/1/17WIN: 76-29-77-60-59MACH: 72-70-69-19-24PREMIER: FAIR CHANCE19-01-2017SUC: 28-11-70-14-37MAC: 51-27-54-45-73PREMIER: PEOPLESDATE: 19-01-2017SUCCESS: 16-34-22-57-14MACHINE: 48-55-50-12-63MORNING DEW 19/1/2017WIN: 73- 29- 17- 45- 32MAC: 6- 14- 44- 46- 72R&S LOTTO RESULTS, DATE: 19-01-2017SUNRISE19-01-2017FFN: 30-81-73-21-28LFN: 62-54-56-45-85Premier ph First five:62-26-45-84-14Last five:54-17-27-11-64CLUB MASTER E19-01-2017FFN: 36-14-02-01-12LFN: 25-33-32-85-21CLUBMASTER PHFF 48 64 88 37 26LF 86 67 59 41 29ANAMBRA SP. FFN:82-21-50-55-57LFN:37-33-38-07-66INTERNATIONAL PHFFB:32-10-33-39-21LFB:38-89-73-37-24INTERNATIONAL E19-01-2017FFN: 57-68-79-25-71LFN: 16-50-43-74-66ABA BONANZA19-01-2017FFN: 65-81-34-37-05LFN: 82-49-15-73-63FORTUNE E19-01-2017FFN: 50-78-34-31-69LFN: 10-36-80-57-16 PREMIER: VAGDATE: 20-01-2017SUCCESS: 42-49-32-23-53MACHINE: 37-40-57-81-09STARLIGHT: 20/1/17WIN: 76-86-71-2-77MACH: 68-83-72-37-16GHANA ALERTS20-01-2017BONANZAWIN:31-28-42-65-81MAC:06-20-63-88-17PREMIER GOLDDATE:20-01-2017SUC: 25-18-72-68-81MAC:60-13-54-38-52PREMIER METRODATE: 20-01-2017WIN: 61-48-55-23-48MAC: 29-75-62-16-86ALBARKA: 20/1/17WIN: 17- 88- 74- 10- 14MACH: 65- 33- 8- 24- 52CHAMPION 20/1/2017WIN: 50- 27- 35- 43- 8MAC: 56- 28- 16- 6- 34PREMIER ROYALDATE: 20-01-2017WN: Lotto results, Date: 20-01-2017ENUGU SP20-01-2017FFN: 37-64-04-32-86LFN: 19-28-79-07-81Premier sp First five:16-41-52-28-77Last five:86-72-79-33-69PEOPLE'S E20-01-2017FFN: 87-79-64-41-23LFN: 43-60-66-78-81PEOPLES PHW 48-74-55-23-06M 81-85-47-60-34ONITSHA SPFFB:47-13-61-45-53LFB:22-26-43-11-58JACKPOT E20-01-2017FFN: 48-59-06-49-63LFN: 36-31-89-62-18ABIA SP20-01-2017FFN: 08-43-01-48-27LFN: 49-50-84-54-42. JACKPOT PH20/01/2017W 63-36-58-64-80M 33-82-27-77-41BONANZA E20-01-2017FFN: 50-81-51-53-11LFN: 61-36-42-18-52

Result fortune yesterday east r&s lotto

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